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We produce the most innovative conferences & music festivals in the world

Not only do our events include amazing musical performances from a wide constellation of artists, they also include an organic element that helps grow the bands themselves during the process.

We call it The Band Bootcamp and it’s one of Springboard’s signature features. Simply put, we place musicians directly in front of industry experts you simply won’t find at other events. These panels, showcases and intimate discussions help us draw the best emerging and established artists.

…and we’ve been doing it in Houston, growing exponentially each year.

This bedrock of success allowed us to expand to the West Coast in January 2017, for our first event outside The Lone Star State.

In 2018, Springboard West went down in San Diego again, with our tightest line-up of performers and mentors in Springboard history. It was an amazing way to start a year that included another Springboard Houston in June.

Springboard West 2019 was a smashing success in January while Springboard Memphis blew up to a scale beyond our wildest expectations.

Springboard Midwest 2020 was our first virtual event. In September, we brought 45 bands together from 13 countries around the world for our largest audience yet.

And 2021 brought us to the Midwest again, this time in Columbus, Ohio.

But there’s always more to come. Stay tuned.